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Welcome!  Here to support and inspire other writers and readers.  I hope to provide useful information, prompts and challenges.  Comments are encouraged, please just mention if you are quoting another source.  Much of my inspiration comes from years of paranormal research and supernatural interests.  Thanks for joining me.  :)
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Supernaturally Inspired Writer

Mind/Body/Spirit Journal: Focus and the Universal Connection.

by Cheryl Alsippi on 10/03/13

Journal Entry: 9/22/13 While packing for a trip, I was trying to lighten the load, since I have a tendency to overpack.  My first glance went to a compact, foldable hair dryer in my cosmetics case.  I thought, “I don’t need to take this, they always have hair dryers in the hotel rooms.”  (Really?  Leave the tiny hair dryer and take the four extra pair of jeans.)  Well, the first night, the first hotel, the hair dryer in our hotel room didn’t work because the wall plug was broken and the dryer was bolted to the wall so I couldn’t take it to the main room!

Is there a way to understand, harnass the information we receive from the universe, spirits, angels, guides to avoid such incidences?  Or, are these things supposed to happen and maybe I just picked up on it as the information was floating around out there in never-never land?  Is the outcome to every single decision we make already predestined?  Sometimes, as noted in my Paranormal Journal entry posts on our blog posts at and Ghost Hunt with ALKO PSI (facebook page) sites, I believe things are manipulated by spirits because they are in tune with what we focus on and are trying to get our attention in some manner.  But, on the occasions when things occur as they did in this post, I’m confused as to whether or not anything is to be done about it.  Would daily meditation advise me of the things to come?  What’s your opinion?

Update on Whispers in the Attic

by Cheryl Alsippi on 09/10/13

Update! Up to 43,436 words now!  (In my document, that equates to 142 pages.)  Almost goal is at least 65,000 words.  Be there soon.  In the latest chapter: Claire awakens slowly from the deep sleep associated with total exhaustion.  What is that clicking sound?  Click.  Click, click.  Click, click, click.  Metal, tapping against wood.  Moving cautiously, she reaches for the bedside lamp, squinting against the semi-bright light.  She can see her breath, coming in short puffs.  Blinking, she clears her eyes as they follow the sound coming from the other side of the room.  Click.  Click, click.  The hair rises on the back of her neck when...  

Do you want to read more?  It should be complete soon.  More updates to come! 

Who Were the Radium Girls?

by Cheryl Alsippi on 08/24/13

Radium Girls: Around 1917, workers (mostly women) were hired in the US and Canada to paint watch faces with radium, using a mixture of glue, water and radium powder, painting with small camel-hair brushes.  Although the owners and supervisors were aware of the dangerous effects of this substance (going as far as using protective coverage when near it themselves), they encouraged these women to keep the point of the brush ‘sharp’ by licking it, or using their lips to sharpen.  Unaware of the dangers, they followed instructions and paid the consequences, some even painting their nails, teeth, and marking their faces with this.  Many ended up suffering from anemia, necrosis of the jaw bone and fractures (a condition known as radium jaw) and ultimately death for many.  To keep this information from the public, the companies encouraged the doctors, dentists, to keep it under wraps and often waged ‘smear campaigns’ against the woman affected, citing syphilis as the culprit, to ruin their reputations.  One high point (probably the only one in this scenario) was that plant worker Grace Fryer and four others -- who came to be known as ‘The Radium Girls’ sued the company (although it took five years to find a lawyer brave enough to take on U.S. Radium).  This set a legal precedent that was the catalyst to the enactment of regulations governing labor safety standards.

Insight Into Past Lives? Thinking in a foreign accent...

by Cheryl Alsippi on 06/13/13

MIND/BODY/SPIRIT JOURNAL: Entry 11/01/06 I started a new ritual (routine) of lying in bed before falling asleep and visualizing a smooth amethyst in my hand.  I would visually place it on my forehead (third eye) and ask for insight into my dreams or to travel to past life scenes.  I did this for three nights in a row.  On the third night, after I had finished, I visualized laying the crystal on the night stand.  As I lie there, thinking, all of a sudden I realized that I was ‘talking’ (my thoughts) in a very strong foreign accent.  I think it was Russian or Romanian...something like one of those.  Was this the insight I had asked for?  Maybe something from a past life?  Once I became aware of it, it stopped.  One of the things that I have read often is that when you start a routine or ritual, you need to be consistent.  Not just once or twice and expect results.  The more you practice, the better you should become.

Archangel Michael

by Cheryl Alsippi on 06/10/13

Archangel Michael - Probably the best-known archangel, his name is recognized by most.  The name Michael means “one who is like God.”  A defender, it is believed that Michael will appear when the world is in great danger.  He is often depicted in artwork and sculptures wielding a sword, winning the battle over a demon or satan-like creature.  Michael has been credited with stopping Abraham from sacrificing his son Isaac; appearing to Moses in the burning bush; and rescuing Daniel from the lion’s den.  It is also believed that he was seen by Joan of Arc.  The color associated with Michael most often is Blue; Direction - South; Element - Fire; Season - Autumn; and Zodiac signs are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.  He represents: LOVE  

Current Book:  Whispers in the Attic  

​Claire Swenson’s life at college is everything she expected, plus a few extras: a new roommate, boyfriend, job and now—a ghost on her front doorstep! Despite growing up near the town of Salem, MA, the only interest Claire has in the paranormal are the supernatural qualities of the crystals found in her grandmother’s gift shop. She is reluctantly drawn into the spectral world of this beautiful spirit. Her search for a way to help leads to the coastal hometown of her ancestors and across unseen dimensions. Claire is reunited with her deceased great-grandparents and comes face to face with a malevolent shadow spirit who will stop at nothing to keep her from learning the truth.
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