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Whispers in the Attic

"I took my time reading it for it was FABULOUS!! You are indeed a gifted writer. It was like I crawled into the story and was Claire. The ending made me cry and smile. Sweet Mary, finally at peace with her love. Hoping you are currently working on another book." ~ Peggy B. 

"I loved it! It had suspense, interest, romance, mystery and excitement. You did a great job and I really enjoyed reading it." ~ Carol L. 

"I find your book very interesting. I can relate to so many things dealing with the paranormal aspect. Kind of creepy in a way! LOL! Good job!" ~ Al B. (ghost hunter) 

“Just read your book, Whispers in the Attic. I loved it and I couldn't put it down.” ~ Deb T.  

"It should be a movie." ~ Tom T. 
Claire Swenson’s life at college is everything she expected, plus a few extras: a new roommate, boyfriend, job and now—a ghost on her front doorstep! Despite growing up near the town of Salem, MA, the only interest Claire has in the paranormal are the supernatural qualities of the crystals found in her grandmother’s gift shop. She is reluctantly drawn into the spectral world of this beautiful spirit. Her search for a way to help leads to the coastal hometown of her ancestors and across unseen dimensions. Claire is reunited with her deceased great-grandparents and comes face to face with a malevolent shadow spirit who will stop at nothing to keep her from learning the truth.
Turning to the sink to brush her teeth she stifled a scream.Written in the steam on the mirror above the sink were the words STAY AWAY FROM P.M.
"A breathy voice very close to her ear whispered..."