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Excerpt from:
Whispers in the Attic by Cheryl Alsippi
The door at the end of the hallway squeaked as Claire opened it and climbed the narrow stairs that led to the attic; her favorite place in the whole house. She lowered herself to the floor beside the large green antique trunk, lifted the lid and wondered: Do memories have a smell? If so, this is it for me--happy memories of an old dusty attic.  Heat from the rooms downstairs filtered up through the vents. For several minutes she sat quietly, soaking in the mesmerizing sensations. The dry warm air, stillness and smells transporting her back to her childhood.

Claire  reached inside the trunk for the old photo albums. A shuffling sound a few feet away caught her attention, causing her to think Otto might have followed along.  She glanced around, but he was nowhere in sight.  I hope Gram doesn’t have mice up here.  She shrugged it off at first, then  shivered a bit as a coldness crept into the air around her. 

She retrieved two albums from within and tucked them into her elbow. As she closed the lid, the hair rose on the back of her neck and the ever-increasing chill traveled further down her spine. A breathy voice whispered very close to her ear, “Help me Claire” .  
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"Clear Smelling" is the alleged phenomenon where sensitive people can smell odors through a form of extra-sensory perception wherein they receive psychic knowledge through the physical sense of smell. In other words, it is possible to smell things such as flowers, smoke, etc. when there is no physical evidence of those things around you.  

In my book: Whispers in the Attic, Claire notices the smell of fresh-baked cookies in the kitchen of the home located near the lighthouse. In looking around for these, she notices that there are none to be found and that the vintage stove isn’t even hooked up.  

See my blog page for more information regarding this phenomena. 

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