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Spooky Forest

Beyond the Veil

This page was created to share different supernatural, mystical and paranormal information. Follow my Ghost Hunt & Paranormal Research page on Facebook for more of the paranormal.

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Graveyard Crow

Cemetery Lights

Ignis Fatuus: This is the Latin term for Cemetery Lights. This phenomena is also referred to as Will o' the Wisp. It has been reported that while walking in cemeteries at night, people have seen balls of light floating around. These have been noted and caught on film as well. Most often, the true explanation of what is being seen is never determined. Possibly it could be a spirit. One theory is that these could sometimes be something known as ignis fatuus: The natural combination of gases produced during decomposition and putrefaction of anything carbon based. These gases, when exposed to oxygen, in the right combination, can spontaneously combust, resulting in flames which are sometimes seen floating. These may occur during the day as well but are not as easily seen, although it is possible to smell them (the odor is described as smelling like rotten eggs). It would make sense then that these are seen most often in cemeteries.

Full Moon Bat

Vampire Bats

These creepy little flying creatures are the only mammals that feed entirely on blood!  (Can I get an Ewwwww?) Gathering typically in colonies of about 100, they are known to sometimes live in groups as large as 1,000 or more. They hunt during the night, with sleeping cattle and horses as their usual victims; but have been known to feed on unsuspecting humans. Typical feeding time lasts for 30 minutes, which isn’t long enough to remove a dangerous amount of blood, but their bites can cause infections and disease. They land on the ground and approach their victims on all fours (Another Ewwwww -- creepy visual). They have sensors on the tip of their nose which indicates the right spot to bite, where warm blood flow is closest to the surface.

Pink Gradient Circle

The Moving Blob (True story)

Time: around 10:30 or 11:00 PM.  I sat at a red light at the intersection with my left turn signal blinking and blinking as I waited for the light to change. There were very few vehicles around me that night and no cars passed through in front of me. I noticed, when my turn signal blinked, that I saw a mist, a blob, situated in about the middle of the intersection. It was about the size of a basketball and about 4 feet off the ground and colored slightly pink (I assumed this was the reflection from my light). The light blinked off, then on...and the blob was about 5-6 feet closer to my car. The light blinked off, then on. It was closer. Blink...closer, blink...closer.  This happened about 4-5 times—until it reached the side of my car, beyond the blinking light. I sat and stared, then turned to my side window and just knew that by this time, whatever it was, would be passing right by my door.  Although I could not see it with my eyes, I felt that it was there, passing right by me (or, at least I hoped it passed by…).

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